We are the HOPE that recovery is possible.

We’ve been where you are.

What we stand for 

Hope Valley Recovery is built around a non-judgmental, client-centered approach; where we assist and guide the client as they pave a path to recovery.

Our Ohio treatment center understands that recovery is a multi-dimensional platform that is built around a team atmosphere. However, we also know that it takes YOUR willingness to succeed. Many of our staff members are in recovery and have spent years developing a program that addresses all presenting problems.

We are here to not ONLY treat your substance use disorder and/or mental health disorder. We are here to treat ALL presenting problems you bring with you. 

If you don’t have a job, we will train you and assist you in gaining employment. Lack a healthy place to live, we will provide that for you. Struggling with basic life skills, we will teach them to you. Trouble with social skills, we will assist you in developing them. Missing the education you need for a better future, we will advise you.

Our stand to you, the client, is the overwhelming desire to provide you with a wealth of opportunity. We aim to handle all of your presenting problems in-house. Developing and transforming you into a responsible and productive citizen with the opportunity and hope for a better future. 

What The Community Says About Us

Hope Valley Recovery's #1 Ohio Detox Center & Addiction Treatment Center

2065 Stoneridge Dr. Circleville, Ohio 43113
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74 Reviews

{This place is truly ONE OF A KIND. The staff are deeply compassionate and highly knowledgeable. I wish I could give it 6 stars. This place saved my life and I will be forever grateful! Update: 10 months later and still sober. Thank you Hope Valley 👍{
Client testimonial Hope Valley Recovery
{First time ever in an inpatient rehab. I overdosed 2 days before I came in and was so mad that the hospital saved my life. Hope valley broke down all my walls, and built them back up so I could gain back some confidence, strength, and hope. I really am forever grateful that I came 3 hours away from my home to get the help that I need. Today I am able to say that I have 93 days, a new job, hope in my future. If it wasn’t for this place I don’t know if I’d be here. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!{
Client testimonial Hope Valley Recovery
{Hope Valley saved my life. I would recommend this treatment center to anyone. The staff is amazing. After leaving I wasn’t sure what to do next and was told about the IOP program through Hope Valley. I joined and I truly would not be where I am today without this facility, the IOP program and our IOP counselor, Courtney Inglis. If you’re struggling please reach out to Hope Valley. They will do anything and everything they can for you!{
Client testimonial Hope Valley Recovery
{Hope Valley helped me save my life! If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, this is the place to go! They will meet you where you're at and help you see that recovery is possible! I went through the phase 2 there and am still currently doing the phase 3 IOP program. I definitely recommend IOP!!! Courtney, you ROCK!!!{
Client testimonial Hope Valley Recovery
{I just want to say this place changed my life. When I came in to hope valley I was having hard time with my addiction and depression. The staff at this place really cares about your recovery and ur mental health. I owe this place my life because they have saved it. They teach you the 12 steps of AA and NA i work the 12 steps to keep me in this fight with the addiction. So if your trying to get help this place is where you need to be at.{
Client testimonial Hope Valley Recovery
{Hope Valley took care of me when I was at my worst. I am now happy and healthy and can resume my life and it's been amazing. They also offer online outpatient treatment and the therapist, Courtney, is amazing to work with. If you're thinking about it, just do it. You won't regret it!{
Client testimonial Hope Valley Recovery
{Even though I didn't finish the program, Hope Valley taught me the skills and discipline to be a functioning part of society and how to stay sober. Now I can get up in the morning at 7 am and start my day rather than at noon. 10/5 would recommend as the one stop shop if you seriously want to get sober and get your old life back. It's a hard program, but totally worth the results if you put the energy and time into following the actions stated by the program.{
Client testimonial Hope Valley Recovery
{Hope Valley Recovery offers a very unique and effective treatment approach for people suffering from addiction. Their staff, which is mostly comprised of people living in recovery, offers care that is both comprehensive and individualized. They are very empathetic and truly care about clients recovery and overall success in life after treatment. I admire Hope Valley and their staff's devotion to helping clients recover and highly recommend coming to this treatment center if you are struggling.{
Client testimonial Hope Valley Recovery
{My experience at Hope Valley Recovery was life changing. The program is amazing!! The 12 steps were broken down for me and I worked the steps for the first time there. The staff is so awesome and they really cared about me and my recovery. I also built my sober support with other clients there and made life long friends. I am now in transitional housing and have 80 days sober today. Thank you Hope Valley!! I love all of you!! 💕🙂{
Client testimonial Hope Valley Recovery


A Culture of Compassion

The culture of Hope Valley Recovery’s Ohio treatment center is built around one word: LOVE. We treat every individual who walks through our doors as a friend. A friend that we HOPE will accept the love and care that we are here to provide.

This showing of care is developed from the recovery-based staff that walks our halls. At one point it was freely given to them and it is now our time to give it to you.

Through a non-judgmental, client-centered, approach we create a safe and therapeutic environment. Where you, the client, are free to be who you were meant to be.

Start your journey today and Give Us A Call!

Values & Standards

Ohio treatment center

Integrity & trustworthiness

best Ohio treatment center

Honesty, openness & collaboration

#1 Ohio treatment center

Client safety, security & privacy

Top Ohio treatment center

Nurturing & compassionate, yet firm

Medicaid Ohio treatment center

Quality services & professionalism

Addiction Ohio treatment center

Human dignity, hope and comfort

Ohio Treatment Center Facilities

The facility is designed to promote HOPE within you. With fine furnishings, a clean environment, and a safe atmosphere, we can provide you with the best opportunity to focus on your continued recovery. 

Break the Dependence

Begin the Process

Find a New Life

We strive to provide you with the comforts and dignity that all individuals should have. This includes TV’s in all bedrooms, comfortable beds, good food and plenty of snacks, coffee in the common areas, fine furnishings.

Amenities also include:

  • Exercise classes for physical health.
  • Meditation and yoga classes.
  • Healthy Lifestyle Classes about stress management, proper nutrition and exercise.
  • Life Skills Education for independent living, job attainment, and education enrollment.
  • Resource Center with computers and internet access.
  • Transitional Living and Sober Housing

Our Ohio Treatment Center People

A facility designed and built by individuals who have faced and overcome adversity. We know what it is like to be in the throws of addiction. Even better, we know what it is like to climb our way out of it.

This allows Hope Valley Recovery to provide our clients with overpowering Love and Compassion. Giving them the opportunity to transform their life into something beautiful. This is why we have been named the #1 Ohio Detox Center.

David Kapp Headshot
David Kapp
Founder and Managing Member

David believes that every individual has the power to change for the better and deserves the opportunity to do so without judgement.

As owner of Hope Valley Recovery, First Step Recovery, and Parkman Recovery, David embodies the ethos of all three companies. His entrepreneurial career is focused around upstarting and operating businesses that enable individuals to feel encouraged and safe in their quest for health, recovery, and total wellness of body, mind, and soul.

David founded First Step Recovery in 2014 along with Kapplands, LLC. Two years later, he acquired Travco Behavioral Health and blended both companies’ operations to create a broad spectrum of support to those in recovery. In 2020 David founded Hope Valley Recovery and quickly acquired Parkman Recovery in early 2021.

His leadership in the recovery space also includes being a minority owner of Valley Home Health, LLC in Youngstown, Ohio. David’s consulting company, Kapp Consulting, provides management services for AVO Behavioral Health. David’s passion for this industry derives from his personal experiences; he has successfully been in recovery himself since 2011.

Rounding out his holdings in health and holistic wellness, David founded and is co-owner of Thermae Retreat in Boardman. A holistic day retreat with a customizable menu of services that lay the foundation for inner transformation.

Prior to 2012, David had a long-term successful career in the oil and gas acquisition and exploration industry.

Andrew Inglis, Executive Director Hope Valley Recovery

Andrew Inglis, BS, ACHE

Co-founder & Executive Director

Andrew believes recovery is a multi-fold approach that MUST incorporate a wealth of opportunity to those who seek help. In addition to providing treatment for substances and mental health, providers MUST deliver opportunity in the form of life skills, education, employment opportunities, and recovery-based social skills. 

Andrew’s passion for delivering high-quality, effective treatment began during his own transformation process. Through mediums of drug treatment and incarceration Andrew saw first-hand what many lacked in their fight for change: Opportunity. As Andrew always states, “It’s one thing to change someone’s thinking, but it’s another thing to transform their life”.

Andrew educated himself in the field of healthcare by completing his BS in Health Sciences at the Ohio State University. In addition, Andrew has obtained A.A. degrees in psychology and business management.

Andrew’s professional career began in 2017 as a discharge coordinator for a treatment center in Columbus, Ohio. He quickly analyzed the environment and realized that more could be done to help those in need. The following year became one of extreme growth for Andrew. He ultimately applied for, and was given, the Executive Director position at the same facility.

The next 18-months were spent rebuilding the program into something that truly helped those looking for a better life. In July of 2020, Andrew left that organization and started full-time with David and Hope Valley Recovery.

Andrew is currently a member of the American College of Healthcare Executives. A Columbus Kiwanis member. A member of the NA recovery community, and an advocate for those seeking a life without the use of substances.

Andrew has developed into an individual who embodies love, care, compassion, honesty, and responsibility. It is his ultimate goal to transform lives and rebuild the communities that surround him.

Dr James Johnson, Hope Valley Recovery Team

Dr. James Johnson, DO, ACOFP, AOAAM

Medical Director

Dr. Johnson believes that recovery is an attainable goal that anyone seeking it can meet. He is a firm believer in the recovery process and works daily to help others realize their goals.

Dr. Johnson started his education at the Ohio State University in 1994, where he received a B.S. in Civil Engineering. Following his undergraduate degree, he enrolled at the Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine and received his Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine in June of 2000. The next years of his life were spent completing an internship and residency at Doctors Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, becoming board certified in family medicine in 2003.

Once board-certified, Dr. Johnson opened a private practice where he provided primary care to individuals of all ages. His focus shifted shortly after when he decided that something must be done to help those suffering from addiction. He signed on as an attending physician at a local Psychiatric hospital where he managed the acute withdrawal phase of patient’s treatment, as well as managed their mental health diagnoses.

Dr. Johnson has fifteen years of experience in family medicine and ten years of experience in addiction medicine. He currently still manages his private practice, providing primary care and addiction treatment to the adult population. He is also board certified in Family Medicine by the American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians and in Addiction Medicine by the American Osteopathic Academy of Addiction Medicine.

Dr. Johnson believes that through his education and experience as a trained addiction-based physician, he can bring a wealth of education, care, and comfort to those seeking help at Hope Valley Recovery.

Adam Chaffin, Hope Valley Recovery Team

Adam Chaffin

Director of Operations

Adam firmly believes in the healing power of a strong recovery program, one that provides HOPE and encouragement on one’s quest for peace.

Adam spent many years in the throes of addiction, struggling to find an answer to his perpetual downfall. After years of agony, Adam finally took a leap of faith and entered treatment in January of 2019. Since that time Adam has propelled on the path of recovery, giving glory to God and the relationship he has with Him.

Adam grew up in Columbus, Ohio and attended Otterbein University after graduating high school. His work career began outside of the recovery field, working as a regional director of operations in multiple environments, including the entertainment industry and youth sports.

Shortly after Adam’s treatment experience in 2019 he obtained a job at the very treatment center he was a client at. He was initially hired as a client engagement specialist, primarily focused on guiding the client through the treatment process and setting them up for success post-discharge. At the same facility, Adam was promoted to multiple positions, including Billing and Finance Director, Human Resource Coordinator, and interim Executive Director.

Adam is a certified Peer Recovery Support Specialist and is passionate and honest when helping clients through their personal journey of recovery. He draws on his own life experience to help encourage others to find their peace with their higher power, ultimately rebuilding their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Sarah Bruce, Hope Valley Recovery team

Sarah Bruce, CDCA II


Sarah is a firm believer in the 12-step recovery process. She understands that a strong recovery family, after long-term treatment, is the #1 solution to building a beautiful, sober life.

Sarah had struggled with addiction for many years until she found recovery in 2013. She understands the importance of long-term treatment and the role it plays in changing one’s life. Sarah is very passionate, caring, and determined about helping people who are struggling with addiction. She makes it her priority to make them feel as comfortable as possible during all phases of their treatment.

Sarah’s education began with obtaining her certificate in medical assisting from Columbus State Community College in 2010. Sarah used this education to get her foot in the door of the healthcare world, acting as a nurse’s aide for various organizations. In 2015 Sarah wanted to transition into the substance abuse side of the healthcare world and quickly obtained a job at a treatment center in Columbus, Ohio.

Starting as a receptionist at the treatment center, Sarah was quickly promoted to multiple roles, including, Admissions Counselor, Utilization Review Coordinator, and ultimately the Director of Admissions. During this time Sarah also obtained her CDCA II so she could have a better understanding of the clinical side of treating addiction.

Sarah enjoys working with her team to ensure the admission process is as comfortable as possible for the individual needing help. She has personal & professional knowledge of all areas of the admission process and is dedicated to helping her team be as professional & efficient as possible.

Headshot of Brad Durkin
Brad Durkin, CDCA II
Director of business development

Brad has always had a passion for helping others. He started his own recovery journey in 2017 and is currently active in the central Ohio recovery community. With a desire to help others, and being in recovery himself, it was a natural transition into the field of addiction. He was able to combine his passions and his strengths in order to make helping others his profession. He has been working in outreach with those seeking recovery help for multiple years. Connecting those to the help they need is the most rewarding aspect for him.

Brad attended The Ohio State University where he earned his bachelor’s degree in psychology. Since being clean he has also earned his Chemical Dependency Counselor Assistant certificate for the state of Ohio. Brad strives to continue learning and to better himself, as well as his community, every day.

Brad started his career at a treatment center in Columbus Ohio as an Outreach Specialist. He continued to excel in the field and expanded into business development. Brad’s previous role was that of a Regional Outreach Manager for a facility in Pennsylvania. Currently, Brad is the Director of Business Development for Hope Valley Recovery where he can help serve the central Ohio community that is so close to his heart.

A connection with nature and adventure continue to play a major role in Brad’s recovery. These things, along with a recovery program, have helped Brad create a life that he is proud of. In Brad’s eyes, there couldn’t be anything more rewarding than sharing these things with those starting their new life in recovery.

Headshot of Jeff Mayhugh
Jeff Mayhugh, RN
Director of Nursing

Jeff believes that addiction is like any other chronic disease and must constantly be monitored and controlled to prevent the exacerbation of the disease which could ultimately lead to a debilitative state and even death.

Jeff identified his desire for helping others from a very young age, seeing those around him suffering from medical ailments and knowing that he could potentially make a difference. This led Jeff to a nursing-focused education that started in high school.

Quickly after obtaining his degree in nursing in the 1980s, Jeff entered the world of medical care. His initial specialization was cardiac care, which over the years grew to include critical care, outpatient surgery, and acute dialysis.

Over the course of his nursing career Jeff was able to identify commonalities with all his patients, that many of them suffered from some form of substance use or alcoholism. He knew that this was an overlooked part of their medical history and wanted to help.

In the mid ninety’s Jeff transitioned full-time into the recovery field, hoping that his knowledge could help steer people away from the medical ailments he dealt with previously. He quickly worked his way into upper management and became the DON for multiple organization. As DON Jeff has been able to implement policies and procedures related to patient-care that provide safe and therapeutic outlets for those seeking freedom from active addiction.

Jeff’s new primary focus is to help those who suffer from the disease of addiction. His solution-focused outlook has saved lives, encouraged others, and brought light to a multitude of individuals who seek to change their lives.

Heads hot of Lisa
Lisa Tatman
Dietary director

Lisa began her culinary journey from the very young age of 13. Growing up in the southern Ohio region, Lisa started her passion for cooking by helping at home and assisting her family at local fairs. This developed a passion within Lisa and the desire to begin her career in the culinary world blossomed. 

At 16 Lisa landed her first job in a real restaurant, and the passion she had been honing was soon confirmed. Over the next two years Lisa worked in various roles within the restaurant; from dishwasher, to hostess, to server, and to cook. 

The experience she had gained during those two years confirmed her choice to make culinary arts a career goal. She enrolled in the Culinary Arts Program and Hocking College and soon received her degree. Over the course of 15 years, Lisa navigated her way through various management positions within multiple restaurants and organizations. 

Lisa’s passion for delivering high quality food doesn’t end at Hope Valley Recovery. She continues to hone her skills at home by actively including her three young children in the art of cooking.

Headshot of Tony Imagie-Douglas
Tony Imagie-Douglas, LICDC
Clinical Program Supervisor

Tony’s believes that those suffering from the disease of addiction are an important and valuable asset to the world. He focuses on promoting change that allows those who suffer to truly see their potential, arriving at a point where internal value is developed and displayed to the world around them. 

Growing up in Akron, Ohio, Tony saw from an early age the impact that substance use had on his community. He began his educational career at Bluffton University where he received his bachelor’s degree and the 2005 Roy Dornbos Leadership Promise Award. Soon after graduating Tony enrolled in the Methodist Theological School where he received his master’s degree in Counseling Ministries, with a specialization in Addiction Counseling. 

Tony entered the counseling workforce in 2006 as a case manager at Samaritan Ministries in Washington DC. This is the moment Tony knew that he wanted to continue his counseling licensure and in 2011 obtained his Ohio licensure in Chemical Dependency Counseling as an LCDC. Two years later he was awarded independent licensure as an LICDC.

His counseling career has been filed with various roles that led him to Hope Valley Recovery, to include, Recreation Coordinator, AOD Case Manager, Counselor Assistant, Vocational Counselor/Career Developer, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Clinician, Program Coordinator, and Clinical Supervisor. 

Tony has made it his life’s purpose to combat the disease of addiction through evidence-based approaches, delivered with love, care, and compassion. He relies on his faith, his family, and nature to feed the joy that he needs in order to deliver this purpose. 

Licensing & Accreditation

Hope Valley Recovery is licensed by the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (OhioMHAS). We are also accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).